1. How will you know if media content recorded in Citizens Journalist is genuine?

    We will provide Javascript code and a variety of plugins for social media apps and browsers that will show that the Citizens Journalist content is accredited and certified. Very similar to the McAfee Secure badges that can be seen in Google lists if the McAfee browser plugin is installed:     

  2. Why can’t I just copy a Citizens Journalist video, modify it and then post it on Facebook?

    You could, but if the content or the URL is changed, then it will break the blockchain, resulting in loss of its accreditation and will not show up as certified.

  3. How do I search for genuine news content on the Citizens Journalist website?

    When the content is stored in the Citizens Journalist servers, the journalist is prompted to add tags to the material to help people searching for this content. These tags can be anything the journalist feels represents the content captured.

  4. Will the content be distributed through the Bubblr NewzMine app?

    Yes, all the legitimate content will be fed into the NewzMine app database as a feed. So if an end-user has searched for breaking news on Syria and there is a Citizens Journalist video recorded with this tag, they will receive an immediate notification of it.

  5. How can the mainstream news agencies exploit this content?

    We are also developing a platform within Citizens Journalist to allow registered, accredited journalists to independently peer-review and fact check news articles associated with the certified Citizens Journalist content. This is also blockchain verified and is distributed through the Bubblr breaking news app platforms.