The antidote
to fake news

Citizens Journalist is the blockchain solution to combat fake news. It is impossible to identify fake news, so we provide the platform for authenticating genuine news.


Blockchain public ledger

We utilize the blockchain public ledger to store recorded content on our servers. Simple javascript, Facebook, or browser add-ins can certify the legitimacy of the captured content


Who, what, where and when

Whatever the media content, video, photographic or audio, the critical metadata that accompanies the content is: Who did the recording? On what device? Where was the media recorded, and at what time?


Any kind of media recording

Although the Citizens Journalist app is primarily for video recordings, it can also be utilized for audio recordings or multiple photographs captured with your mobile device.


Immutable walled garden

The strength of media recorded within the Citizens Journalist app is that it is encrypted on the device, so it cannot be hacked or changed.

We believe in the 4th Estate

Democracy has never been more under threat from demagogues and populism. For democracy to work, it needs a strong fourth estate to hold executives to account. The press must be guardians of truth, and through the eyes of the people, those in power can be held accountable for their actions.