We believe In The 4th Estate

Democracy has never been more under threat from demagogues and populism. For democracy to work, it needs a strong fourth estate to hold executives to account. The press must be guardians of truth.

The prevalence of “Fake News” profoundly undermines this. It has made “deep fake” videos and other fabricated content nearly impossible to identify.

That is where Citizens Journalist comes in. It is a camera app that guarantees authentic user-generated content, using blockchain technology, allowing genuine media footage to be certified and available for distribution to media outlets.

Citizens Journalist powered by

Citizens Journalist is brought to you by Bubblr. It is an essential part of the new economic ecosystem that Bubblr is building, revolutionizing the way the internet works.

Our vision is an internet that treats users, content providers, and small to medium-sized businesses fairly, which is why we are creating the Ad-free Marketplace. Citizens Journalist will help us to build an audience and is essential in our quest to make the internet a better place.

Head over to bubblr.com to read more about why today’s internet is broken, and our mission to fix it.

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