Citizens Journalist has been developed by Bubblr. Bubblr is a company dedicated to supporting the news industry to help bolster democracies throughout the world. We are a proudly lean agile enterprise that is for profit with purpose.

One of the cornerstones of supporting quality journalism is to be able to identify fake news and deep fake video. This is why we are developing the Citizens Journalist apps which can help authenticate and certify genuine news.

We are a proudly ethical technology business, and all of our stakeholders are committed to this cause. Whether that be the board of directors, employees or shareholders.

Citizens Journalist is a genuinely beneficial blockchain application that will make the world a better place.

However, it is only part of our plan to promote quality, peer-reviewed and fact-checked journalism. We have developed breaking news apps that do not require users to register and are anonymous to use. We do not track personal data and behaviour to exploit with pop-up ads.

Finally, we have designed a unique new mobile ad platform with software patents and trade secret algorithms. We plan to finish the development of this platform by the end of 2019 and then share the revenue from this platform to all our content providers. Thus giving the news industry and original news content providers a very significant new online revenue stream.